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4SQRP Brutus Bash
4SQRP Brutus Bash 2023
September 8, 9


Big Brutus

Towering 160 feet above the SE Kansas landscape, Big Brutus -- aka Bucyrus Erie model 1850B -- is the largest electric shovel in the world and the site of 4SQRP's premier outing, the Brutus Bash.The Bash is held every year on the second weekend of September.

Join us there on September 8-9, 2023. You can find us at the Big Brutus Shovel located 6 Miles West of Kansas hwy 7 & Kansas hwy 102 Jct and 1/4 Mile South Near West Mineral, Kansas. Big Brutus is the largest electric shovel in the world and until retired in 1984, mined coal in the SE Kansas strip mines for the Pittsburg & Midway Coal Mining Company. Its shovel is so big it can fill three freight cars with one pass.

The visitor center houses comfort facilities, including hot showers to meet the needs of visitors and campers alike. Along with primitive camping and space for self-contained RV's, there are ten water/electrical hook-ups and a dump station. Picnic tables dot the grounds and a shelter is there for gatherings of all kinds. To reserve your camping spot, call the visitor center at 620-827-6177.

Brutus Bash is a gathering of friendly QRPers. We try different antennas, enjoy fellowship with like-minded members of the hobby, and usually share unique cuisine. The only goal of the event is to have fun.

We will be operating as special event station K0B. If you can't make it, please listen for us on the air.

More information about Big Brutus, its museum and park can be found here.

We hope to see you there!

The WAØITP "Operations" Tent (photo by K5EST).

Reasons to attend Brutus Bash 2021
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Food - Yum!

Dessert - Lip-smaking Goooood

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