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We are an all-volunteer non-profit organization serving the QRP community.
Our ability to put on an affordable OzarkCon every year depends on a cadre of volunteers behind the scenes.
Due to some health issues, 4SQRP has opening for volunteers in the following areas:

Kitters -- the people who put the parts in the bags

Kitters are the key players in our revenue generation. OzarkCon would not be possible without their diligent work.
Duties include inventorying parts as they come in, assembling them into plastic or ESD bags, packaging the kits and shipping
All expenses are covered by 4SQRP. All we require is your time. Amount of work depends on kit popularity and parts count.
Kitters are involved early in the kit development process and often Beta builders.

OzarkCon Assistance - the people who help make a success

It takes people to make OzarkCon a success. We pride ourselves in providing a quality, informative, easy-going
attendee experience. Volunteers work with the conference coordinator on a variety of tasks, such as Build Session
assistance, checking in attendees, assisting with setup and several more. Volunteers are guaranteed a seat so as we approach
capacity, those who volunteer never have to worry about being shut out.

Assistant Treasurer - the person who helps count the beans
This volunteer will assit the Treasurer in filing the Federal and State reports, processing kit payments, and
paying the bills. We desire to have a trusted individual to perform some financial tasks
and act as a backup to the Treasurer in case of health or other issues.
Experience with spreadsheets and bookkeeping fundmentals is desired but not required.

All QRP'ers with an interest in helping the 4SQRP Group put on the best QRP Conference in the Midwest are invited to apply to
Johnny Matlock, President, Four State QRP Group


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