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Bayou Jumper
Designed by
Jim Giammanco N5IB
and David Cripe NMØS

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Kitted and Offered For Sale By The Four State QRP Group        

"Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear" and build the Bayou Jumper. The name "Bayou Jumper" is a play on "Ocean Hopper", a famous regenerative receiver of a bygone era. It retains that great retro look but with modernized circuitry. With it's distinctive panel and wood box enclosure it pays homage to the famous spy radios of WWII. It is designed for the CW segment of the 40 meters.
A quantity discount is available for Club and Group builds, 5 kit minimum order required.
Specifications and Design Features
    N5IB: Original prototype development, receiver development, PCB and panel layouts, part sourcing.
    NMØS: Transmitter design, PCB, panel, parts sourcing, assembly manual.
    RXTX Design: Separate receiver and transmitter, built in RIT..
    T/R Switching: Hand switched with a chicken head knob, just as in the old days.
    Single Bander: 40M as supplied.
    Toroids: Only one toroid to wind in the receiver, and none in the transmitter. Only ONE for the whole rig!
    NO SMT: All parts are through hole, there are NO surface mount devices in the kit.
    Current Requirements: Receiver 20ma, Transmitter 750ma
    Enclosure: Beautiful silk screened panel and commercial wooden box, for a very retro look. Dim. L x W x H, 7.75" x 5.5" x 3.25"
      Note: The box is not included in kit but is available, from HobbyLobby and can be ordered here. Or purchased in their stores, SKU# 662536S
      Travel stickers may be found here.
    Tuning and Regeneration: Grounded front panel, and insulated shafts on the controls, so hand effect detuning is minimized.
    Sensitivity: -120 dB (approx S1). Well below the typical rural band noise level of approx. -100dB (approx. S4).
    Tuning Range: Tuning range approximately 120 to 150 kHz.
    One Knob tuning: No bandset/bandspread needed.
    Varactor Tuning: Varactor tuning employing readily available Schottky diodes as varactor diodes.
    RF Gain: Optional RF attenuator control, useful when employing full-scale antennas.
    Audio: Plenty of headphone audio, and will drive a small speaker.
    NS-40: Integrated into the PCB is Dave's famous NS-40 Class E transmitter.    More info here
    Crystal Controlled: The rig has a socket for the old-style FT243 crystals, plus 7030 and 7122 kHz crystals and included crystal adapters.
      If you have old 7MHz Novice crystals, you can use them with this rig!
    Output Power: Solid 5 Watts.
    No Toroids: No toroids to wind, all inductors are etched on the pc board.
    Keying Options: Straight key built into the front panel, just like the original Paraset! Also includes a 1/8" jack so you can use it with
      your favorite mechanical key, or an electronic keyer with an interface, such as one of these.
    Spotting: You can activate the crystal oscillator at low power to allow zero beating the receiver to the transmit frequency.
    Final Amp: Cool running robust MOSFET.
    Spectral Purity: All harmonics and spurious emissions are 50dB or more below the carrier.
    REV A (green panel) Assembly Manual For Kits shipped after 17 April 2017
    REV A (green panel) Transmitter Schematic
    REV A (green panel) Receiver Schematic
    REV A (green panel) Part List
    ORIGINAL (white panel) PCB Assembly Manual for kits shipped prior to 17April 2017
    ORIGINAL (white panel) Transmitter Schematic)
    ORIGINAL (white panel) Receiver Schematic
    ORIGINAL (white panel) Part List
    Photo Page (Rig pix and building tips.)
    Serial and Secret Agent Number Program Courtesy N5IB.
    Elecraft's Excellent Capacitor Identification Page  Posted with permission..
    Electronics 2000's Excellent Resistor Code Graphic Calculator  Posted with permission..
The Bayou Jumper is carefully kitted and shipped by Larry Hastings, ABØAH .
Please direct DX shipping cost, kit availability, and part related questions to Larry
All proceeds are applied toward funding OzarkCon.   Thank you for supporting The Four State QRP Group.