Ozark 17

Designed by Tommy Henderson, WD5AGO

Sorry, this kit is no longer available

The Ozark 17 is a limited production CW transceiver kit for the 17 meter band. It features a VXO controlled superhet receiver and a separate VXO controlled transmitter. Power output is approximately 1 watt. Both the receiver and transmitter are built on one single sided pc board. The majority of the parts are surface mounted components.

Now for the good stuff, this is not a beginner kit, mostly SMD with 1206 & 805 size parts.  Board is about 2.2 by 3.6 inches singleside PCB.

*Split Tx and Rx so built in RIT.  Coverage is ~18.090 to .100 VXO Tx/Rx of course easy to Mod.
*Rx sens. is better than -125dBm (-135 typ) 3.5 dB n/f front end.
*Opposite sideband better than -40 dB (-55 typ)
*Crystal filter is 275Hz, 650Hz center on Audio filter
*Power out at 12v ~1w, 1.5w @ 13.8v
*Tx Harmonics down -50 dB

Schematics are available for download here: (PDF reader required)

Photos of the Ozark 17 transceiver. Click on the picture for a larger image size.

The Ozark 17 transceiver in a custom case. The case and controls are not included with the kit. The transceiver internal view.

If interested in more information, contact Tommy directly via email.

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Ozark 17 name, schematics and information copyright 2004, 2005 by Tommy Henderson WD5AGO

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